Our Values
Create community, invest in connections, and be fully present
Work towards a vision, take initiative, and blow past expectations
Grit, perserverance, run through walls and make it happen
Industry Success
100% of our members are placed into full time roles post-graduation.
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Hear From Our Faculty

Global challenges are changing business and society in unpredictable ways and with accelerating speed. Clearly, it's no longer business as usual, and the future depends on leaders who have the skills, agility, and creativity to anticipate disruptive events and forge new paths. The Disruption Lab is here to cultivate those leaders.

At the Disruption Lab, students, faculty, and partners engage to explore disruptive forces and use a bold, imaginative approach to advance new ideas. We offer students the opportunities to create the products of tomorrow and participate in the constantly evolving business landscape through the combination of technology and business. We're combining a disruptive thinking framework and early exposure to emerging technologies to solve tomorrow's problems. For an explanation on how students engage with the Lab, check out our Power Point presentation.

Our Leadership